Friday, March 19, 2004

Will radio kill the NanoBot star?

The following is an edited transcript:

Hi Howard,

I'm working on a story about nanotech for our show and would love to do a brief phone interview with you. If it was at all possible to have you go into the studio at your nearby public radio station, it would make the sound quality even better. Please let me know if you're game and if there's a convenient time in the near future.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,

Lisa Napoli
Senior Reporter
Marketplace Public Radio


Sure. I'm a 'Marketplace' fan. I'd love to do it. Maybe even through the magic of editing you can remove my "ums" and "ers" to make me sound slightly intelligent!

I live near Detroit (WDET) and work in Ann Arbor (WUOM). Either one would work for me. Early mornings are best.


Lisa: Howard, great, thanks---you know if you listen to the show that all ums and ers get erased! Could you do it Friday morning. And you are on Eastern time, right?

Howard: Yes, I'm on Eastern Time. I usually wake up very early. Anytime between ... um ... 6 and 10 a.m. would work for me. Whenever you get a chance, let me know what you'd like to discuss so I can make sure I'm prepared. Thanks.

Lisa: Just a general state of the nanotech universe for the layperson, with an eye toward the money side of things--why does it seem so much is being invested, what the heck is nanotech, etcetera? That okay?

A day goes by. The interview happens. I was in a scary room with lots of dials and switches and a big microphone.

Howard: Lisa, Thanks for your patience while I rambled on. Now I remember why I never went beyond my college radio station in the broadcasting business. I hope I gave you something you can use. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you'd like any more information ... or more nano-meanderings!

Lisa: Howard, you were great. Thank you so much for your time. I'll keep you posted as this comes together--now I hear it has to run next Wednesday, so I've got to move quickly after interviewing Mr. Bionic Crotch later today.

Howard: That's great. I'm glad Mr. B.C. will get his 15 minutes! (or, in radio time, 15 seconds?). Do you mind if I tell my blog readers that I was interviewed?

Lisa: Not at all!


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