Monday, March 29, 2004

'Bad bucky's' blog bounce

Everybody and his blogger has an opinion about the bass-brain-busting buckyballs.

    "Nonetheless, because of its worries about science-fiction-based fears where mature nanotechnology is concerned, the nanotechnology industry has mostly succeeded in exaggerating concern about shorter-term fears. Afraid that nanotechnology might be associated with lethal (and implausible) sci-fi robots in the public mind, it has produced a situation in which nanotechnology may come to be associated with lethal (and more plausible) toxic buckyballs instead."
    Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit

    "The actual study is a bunch of hooey for tons of reasons and Prof. Reynolds and Mr. Lovy have done a decent job pointing those out."
    Daniel Moore, nanotechnology researcher at Georgia Tech

    "Buckyballs are the new asbestos?"
    Cory Doctorow, writing in BoingBoing

    "If they're smart, the Nano Business Alliance will capitalize on this opportunity to clean up their image."
    Phil Bowermaster, The Speculist

    "Wouldn't it have been nice if it had occurred to someone to test them for health risks before they started producing them?"
    Sysyphus Shrugged

    "Bill Joy warned us about this type of thing four years ago. Now, what if these nanoparticles were self replicating nanobots??? Oh well. Watch as these idiots keep fumbling toward oblivion."
    Kevin F., in

    "I thought 'Buckyballs' was an injury suffered by rodeo riders, like "Tennis elbow".
    "ozbird," writing in Slashdot


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