Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Plaque-Attacking Nanobots

From deseretnews.com in Utah comes confirmation that nanobots are, indeed, scaring our children ... by forcing them to brush:

    nanobotkidsThen the boys hit upon the idea of using retainer trays, like those used for teeth, combined with nanotechnology to replace the toothbrush.

    It's entirely feasible, a local dentist told them.

    The Mouth Magician would be a tooth tray containing tiny plaque-attacking "nanobots." A user would fill the trays with a fluoride gel, mouthwash, bleach and anti-bacterial agents. Nanobots would spread the gel on the teeth, rinse them and return to an airtight area on the appliance. The Mouth Magician then would vibrate, telling the user it's done. The process would take about five minutes.


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