Wednesday, March 03, 2004

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  • Nuclear spintronics: quantum Hall and nano-systems
    Author: Israel D. Vagner
    Journal-ref: HAIT Journal of Science and Engineering 1, 1, 152-194 (2004)

      The electron spin transport in condensed matter, Spintronics, is a subject of rapidly growing interest both scientifically and from the point of view of applications to modern and future electronics. In many cases the electron spin transport cannot be described adequately without accounting for the hyperfine interaction between electron and nuclear spins. Under extreme conditions of high magnetic fileds, ultra-low temperatures, ultra high isotopical cleanness etc., the nuclear spins in these sytems are very promizing candidates for the qubits: the basic elements of emerging quantum memory, logics and hopefully quantum computers. More
  • Aging Correlation Functions for Blinking Nano-Crystals, and Other On - Off Stochastic Processes
    Authors: Gennady Margolin, Eli Barkai

      Following recent experiments on power law blinking behavior of single nano-crystals, we calculate two-time intensity correlation functions ... for these systems. More



Semiconductor and Metal Nanocrystals

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