Saturday, March 27, 2004


Lev Navrozov, the usually entertaining Sinophobe, mentions "the magazine 'Howard Lovy’s NanoBot,' " in his latest travels down paranoia's silk road. Navrozov was referring to my reporting on the National Nanotechnology Initiative's attempted uninvitation of Eric Drexler from a recent NNI-sponsored conference.

Navrozov believes that while the NNI is trying its best to bury the idea of nanobots, China is on its way to developing them. The sentiment sounds a bit too Cold War-ish for my taste, but I'll let the military experts decide whether the writer has a point.

The best review of Navrozov's essay, though, come from TNTlog, run by Tim Harper of Cientifica.

    While the grasp of any science is shaky at best (the evidence for the assembler seems to have been inferred from the completion of a Chinese Academy of Sciences study on nanobiotech) it is fun to see Eric Drexler, Howard Lovy, Einstein, Mark Modzelewski and Michael Crichton all referenced in a series of articles that do for Sino American relations what the Institute of Nanotechnology recently did for transatlantic relations.

Not sure if Harper wrote that entry, but if he did, it looks like he still has some spark despite the loss of a key communicator at Cientifica and some tense moments at his Madrid office during the recent terrorist bombings. Glad to have Tim's voice back in the nanomix.

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