Friday, March 05, 2004

Peres, Peace and Purification

Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres is taking his nanotechnology-enabled "water for peace" mission to Hong Kong. I've written about this issue before here and here, and devoted my next Small Times Magazine column to the subject. It'll be posted online sometime near the end of the month. Meanwhile, here's an excerpt from the City University of Hong Kong's coverage:
    The future is already knocking on our door in the guise of nanotechnology, and Mr Shimon Peres has the vision to open that door. "Today's Advancements — Tomorrow's Future, The Role of Economic, Technological and Scientific Development in Today's World" was the title of a lecture by Mr Shimon Peres, Israel's Former Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Laureate, delivered at City University of Hong Kong, the morning of 5 March. He also toured the University's laboratories.

    ... Mr Peres sees nanotechnology playing a vital, global role in the future. His primary concern, at present, is the potential benefit nanotechnology offers Israel's for water purification, building in the Negev desert, and homeland security.

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