Monday, March 08, 2004

News in a NanoSecond

  • Why Nanotech Hype Is Good (techdirt)

      Some bubbles are just silly - but when it comes to bubbles surrounding general-purpose technology that is clearly useful in some way, the most efficient way to figure out how to use that technology seems to be to throw an awful lot of money at an awful lot of companies and see what sticks. More
  • Enterprise - "Regeneration" (

      Plot Points: A survey team has discovered the remnants of a crashed ship in the Arctic Circle. Amongst the wreckage were two unusual, frozen corpses. The team soon discovered that they were not human, and had been there for over a century. The aliens were covered in cybernetic implants and scans revealed that they were not of the same species, or of any species they could identify. The aliens bloodstreams were filled with nano-technology that repaired both their organic and cybernetic systems, restoring them to life. Once awake, the aliens used tubials in their arms to transfer the nano-technology to the survey team. More
  • Return of Dr. Faust presents important ethical lessons for scientists (San Francisco Chronicle)

      "Harvard chemist George Whitesides, another senior dean of biotech, put the Faustian question another way in an unpublished paper he recently sent to me. Famed as a pioneer of fluidics and nanotechnology, Whitesides asks: 'Is there research that we should not do?' " More
  • 2004 'For Women in Science' awards and fellowships announced (L'Oreal Press Release)

      Five outstanding world-class women scientists named L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Laureates in recognition of their contribution to scientific research. Fifteen promising young researchers around the world, the future scientific leaders of tomorrow, receive Fellowships to carry out promising international research projects. More

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  • Nanotechnology firm Polaron to float (Reuters)

      Nanotechnology firm Polaron says it plans to list on the Alternative Investment Market at the end of this month with a market value of 20 to 25 million pounds.

      The maker of a three-dimensional microscope used to probe materials so small their dimensions are measured in atoms, said on Monday it aimed to raise six to 10 million pounds from the initial public offering on AIM. More

  • Free dowloadable English/Russian Nano Dictionary (
  • Synchrotron eyes expansion (Saskatoon StarPhoenix)
  • Nanochip to make more memories with $20 million more (Small Times)
  • A chat with a futurist (US News)
  • Vincent LaBella: UAlbany's 'spin' doctor (University at Albany)


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