Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Can't Forget the Motor City

michI'm attending a Michigan Small Tech event today, going full circle back to my old college stomping grounds at Wayne State University in Detroit. I never would have guessed when I left in 1986 that I'd come back 18 years later to enter, of all places, the engineering (!) building. It's been a long journey from English and journalism.

Despite the better judgment of conference organizers, they've asked me to moderate a panel on Defense and Security.

Michigan Small Tech, by the way, is a great joint effort between the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Small Times Media. We're helping to encourage communication between universities, government and business to build the small tech community in the Great Lakes State. It's been very successful so far, and Small Times hopes to take this model to other states and regions. This event and others like it help bring together the various elements that make up an industry that is only now beginning to come into its own.

Lots of cool stuff going on, too, in life sciences, defense, wireless integrated microsystems and, of course, automobiles.

I'll try to do some blogging during the event, too.


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