Monday, March 01, 2004

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  • Introduction to nanotechnology and its applications to medicine
    Silva GA
    Surg Neurol. 2004 Mar ; 61(3): 216-20

      Applications to medicine and physiology imply materials and devices designed to interact with the body at subcellular (i.e., molecular) scales with a high degree of specificity. This can potentially translate into targeted cellular and tissue-specific clinical applications designed to achieve maximal therapeutic affects with minimal side effects. In this review the main scientific and technical aspects of nanotechnology are introduced and some of its potential clinical applications are discussed. More
  • Nanotechnology and dialysis
    Nissenson AR, Ronco C Int J Artif Organs. 2004 Jan ; 27(1): 3-5
  • New Technologies for Nutrition Research
    Ross SA, Srinivas PR, Clifford AJ, Lee SC, Philbert MA, Hettich RL J Nutr. 2004 Mar ; 134(3): 681-685

      The Experimental Biology 2003 symposium entitled "New Technologies for Nutrition Research" was organized to highlight new and emerging technologies, including nanotechnology and proteomics, and to suggest ways for their integration into nutrition research. Speakers focused on topics that included accelerator mass spectrometry for ultra-low level radiolabel tracing, nanodevices for real-time optical intracellular sensing, mass spectrometric techniques for examining protein expression, as well as potential applications for nanotechnology in the food sciences. These technologies may be particularly useful in obtaining accurate spatial information and low-level detection of essential and nonessential bioactive food components (nutrients) and their metabolites, and in enhancing the understanding of the impact of nutrient/metabolite and biomolecular interactions. More



Nanotechnology in Medicine & the Bioscience

Plant Nutrition: Food Security and Sustainability of Agro-Ecosystems through Basic and Applied Research

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

Principles and Practice of Dialysis

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