Thursday, March 11, 2004


"If you listen to a lot of the VCs, they'll say (nanotechnology) is still a science project. A lot of them say it's 10 years in the future. They're nuts. It's not 10 years."
-- Steven Currall, Rice University, quoted by The Associated Press

"We don't know if this is interesting new physics or some stupid mistake. In learning about quantum computing, we're at the forefront of fundamental physics."
-- William D. Phillips, National Institute of Standards & Technology, quoted in BusinessWeek

"I am not going to go into a harangue – as tempted as I am -- against some lazy journalists (some of my best friends are…), Drexlarians, or former Dotcomers looking for work in the nanoworld. Instead, much like my points on playing the market for nano-stocks, I just ask you to use caution and go to a reliable source."
-- F. Mark Modzelewski, NanoBusiness Alliance, in an e-mail newsletter


Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations, Second Edition Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations, Second Edition

Style is a crucial ingredient to everything we say and do; in writing, it is the way sentences are structured, the choice of words and the way they are used. If the style is outmoded, the reader will soon lose interest and might not even get beyond the first few lines. This fully updated second edition of Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations is a hands-on, practical guide to writing style for students and others entering the PR industry. It is also a valuable guide to style for those already employed in the public relations profession and those who have to earn their living using their writing skills.

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