Thursday, March 18, 2004

Frozen Down Under

From the Herald Sun in Australia:

    A son wants to freeze his parents after they die in the hope technology will one day be able to revive them.

    Philip Rhoades, 52, a member of the Cryonics Association of Australia, has spent almost $100,000 preparing an underground storage.

    ...  Mr Rhoades' mother, Dorothy, 72, a former maths and science teacher and his father, Gerald, 77, an industrial chemist, have agreed to take the slim chance they may one day be brought back from the dead.

    They believe there is a chance technology, especially in nanotechnology, will develop to a level where successful reanimation of dead people will be possible.

    Without religious or moral objections to the concept, they believe cryonics is worth trying.

    ... The Cryonics Association of Australia has about 30 members and 16 living people have signed on to be frozen in the US-based Alcor and Cryonics Institute, which typically costs $70,000. More here.

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