Friday, March 05, 2004

Nano Interviews on Biotech Today

Dear Howard:

I'm the producer host of BioTech Today and a regular, inconsistent reader of "Howard Lovy's NanoBot". Need to be more consistent. :-)

I just saw your post on "The Amazing Montemagno". BioTech Today interviewed Dr. Montemagno last week at NBIC 2004 in New York. The interview aired yesterday and is archived at

I'd be delighted if you would post a link to the NBIC 2004 interviews. We also spoke with Dr. Mike Roco and Dr. James Canton (of the Institute for Global Futures). If you post a link, please link to BioTech Today at The Brain Waves BLOG on CORANTE referenced the show in the 3/3/04 post (

Thanks, Howard, for your time and kind attention.

Best regards,

David Lemberg, D.C.
Producer/Host of BioTech Today

Happy to help, David. Keep up the great work.



Nanofabrication And Biosystems Nanofabrication And Biosystems

This book, whose origin was an international conference held in Hawaii, discusses nano- and microfabrication.

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