Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Get out of your mom's basement and get a job

Take a look at what those scifi wacko "Drexlerians … and other denizens …" are up to now. They've helped launch a nanotechnology jobs, education and career site: Working in Nanotechnology.

I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I asked Christine Peterson, chief of that nonprofit cabal, the Foresight Institute, just what her band of merry futurists thought they were doing.

She said that Foresight's partner on this site is "especially strong at assisting with international contacts, which is vital in a global field such as nanotechnology. Employers want the best, regardless of nationality, and employees are often willing to relocate to join a top organization." She said that Foresight's primary role is to "help get the word out so that nanotech employers and potential employees give it a try."

Well, good luck, you bunch of dreamers. But you really should just stick to your nanobots – creatures that the National Nanotechnology Initiative says remain "in the realm of science fiction."

Besides, don't you know that there's already an alliance that's giving the industry the business? Take a look at the trade organization's state-of-the-art jobs site, punch "nanotechnology" into the search engine and take your pick among the hot nano jobs.


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