Wednesday, July 21, 2004


The Green Goo (Project Trinity: I-I, SDi, Neurotechnology)

    There will always be threats posed by emerging technology. The risks get bigger as each techno-economic wave builds upon its predecessors. So the more reason we have to pay extra attention to the upcoming Nano and/or Neuro. "The higher that we climb, the more the ladder sways." More

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    Nano on the brain
    Engines of Obfuscation
    It's easy being nano and green

Israeli universities to share nanotech research funding (Haaretz)
    The government and the country's universities plan to invest $11.3 million in nanotechnology research in 2004-2005. … The investment, to be made through the National Research Infrastructure Forum, is the first stage of a five-year plan drawn up by the National Committee on Nanotechnology. The plan calls for investing $25-30 million in nanotechnology infrastructure over the next five years. More

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    Peres, Peace and Purification
    The Domi-Nano Theory
    Israel and Iran going nano

'There have been rumours that nanotechnology could create robots that would devour the world' (The Independent) High school goes high tech (Albany Times Union)
    As the Capital Region tries to reinvent itself as Tech Valley, it stands to reason there would be a high school of the same name. And so planners … have come up with an ambitious plan for a 400-student, $30 million Tech Valley High School, whose curriculum would include intensive internships and other projects with local high-tech firms. … "We've modeled this on what the University at Albany is doing with its nanotechnology." More

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    Venezuelan natural nano resource
    Investing in NanoFutures
    Do you know where your children are?

Nanotechnology's promise (The Washington Times)
    Like many developing technologies, nanotechnology is likely to be a source of many marvels and menaces. The latter have been better publicized than the former, so it is surprising that most Americans still have a positive view of nanotechnology. A new poll should encourage policy-makers to continue to foster the field's growth, especially given its vast potential. More

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    Do you care how nano plays in Peoria?
    Bucky rage and 'imaginative commentators'
    Nano Goulash

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