Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Welcome to our Nano Nightmare - The Sequel

Memo to Intel: If "nanotechnology" was easy, everybody would be doing it. Thank goodness nanoscale self-assembly, atomically precise positioning and other nanotech tricks are coming to the rescue. Your father's clunky, old top-down lithography methods are going the way of the Oldsmobile.

    The final straw came last week, when Intel acknowledged that it was delaying the launch of a chip that it had called "the linchpin" in its new line of chips for notebook computers. That delay meant that computer systems built with the chip, which offered new audio and video capabilities, would miss the winter holiday shopping season. More here
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Welcome to our Nano Nightmare
Thanks for the nanomemories, Intel
Thanks for the Nanomemories, Part II
Cut NSF, but grow nano

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