Tuesday, July 13, 2004

That's What NanoFriends Are For

Monday was among the most-memorable days of my career. It's during times of crisis that you can see who your real friends are. The outpouring of support has just been great and I've been getting all sorts of offers, including some opportunities at major publications. Looks like my readership is about to increase greatly.

If you've written to me and haven't yet received a response, I'll try to get to everybody soon. But, to all, thanks again for your help, advice and words of encouragement. Here are a few excerpts from the more-public expressions of support:

    "Howard is a top-notch editor and writes about nano with a rare combination of insight, intelligence, clarity, and wit. I can't wait to see what he does next! In just one year, his personal blog, Howard Lovy's NanoBot has become essential reading for anyone interested in nanotechnology, from the deepest nanohackers to future-minded laypeople."
    David Pescovitz, writing in BoingBoing

    "We at Foresight all wish Howard excellent success in his new career as a freelancer--send some assignments his way!"
    Christine Peterson, president, Foresight Institute, writing in Nanodot

    IF YOU'RE AN EDITOR, you should hire Howard Lovy. He's an excellent, honest, and careful reporter and writer. It's not like there's a surplus of those!
    Glenn Reynolds, InstaPundit

    "Mr. Lovy is a tireless supporter and reporter of nanotechnology and I am positive that he will flourish in his freelance career and provide wonderful insight into the nanotech world."
    Daniel Moore

    "Howard Lovy is one of the best writers on the subject of nanotech, he has a remarkable ability to explain things that are really complex."
    Jeff Nolan, Palo Alto venture capitalist

    "Howard Lovy wisely clams up …"

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