Friday, July 23, 2004

A night at the micro opera


Swinburne University of Technology's Centre for Micro-Photonics constructed a model of the Sydney Opera House. Its dimensions are 64 x 38 x 41 micrometers, (yes, I know; not nano, but cool, anyway). It was built from a hybrid material of glass and polymer. The opera house joins the White House, the Micro Bull, the nanosax, the nanoguitar and, of course, it all started with this IBM image. And you can't forget Venture Capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson's infamous hoax, the NanoCar. What does any of this do to advance the science of nanotechnology? Probably very little. But when it comes to attracting the interest of the general public, you know what they say about that picture/word ratio. The micro opera house was among Yahoo News' most e-mailed photos.

NanoBot Backgrounder
The Art of Nano
Stairway to Heaven
Human Nanofactory in Four Dimensions

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Roland Piquepaille said...

I just have two words on this: very cool!
Congratulations to the scientists of Swinburne University.

And Howard, thanks for all your great finds.

Sorry I haven't reacted faster since the Small Times *reorganization*. But you had lots of support from many people more qualified as I am to get you a new job.

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