Saturday, July 31, 2004

Shape-shifting wings closer to flight?

NanoSonic and Lockheed Partner on Nanotechnology (Richmond Times - Dispatch)

    NanoSonic Inc., a Blacksburg (Va.) firm, has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Corp. to develop nanotechnology materials and coatings. NanoSonic is led by Richard O. Claus, who holds a chair in electrical and computer engineering and materials science at Virginia Tech. Claus said in a statement that the partnership with Lockheed Martin should be "very beneficial" to his company and Virginia's role in nanotechnology.

    ... The company, founded in 1998, recently announced that it has begun making a new material called Metal Rubber that conducts electricity like a metal but stretches like rubber up to several hundred percent of its original length. It is being considered for medical and aerospace uses.

    Metal Rubber has been mentioned as a possible component for airplane wings that shift their shape when charged with electricity or for use in artificial muscles. More here

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