Friday, July 16, 2004

I, NanoBot?

Not Yet Maid: Local resident and giant corporations racing to create helpers of tomorrow (

Researchers today dream big. They want robots that not only walk but climb, swim and fly.

SRI International, which operates one of the country's leading robotics research centers, is developing artificial muscles that give robots the ability to perform those feats. They hope their technologies will make the stars of I, Robot someday look primitive. ...

(Regis) Vincent (senior research scientist for SRI) said many may fear the creation of sophisticated robots will destroy a large base of the job market. He insists, though, that robots taking over mundane jobs will be beneficial, because "robots don't get bored and it will free humans up to do other things."

More importantly, he said robots will complete tasks that people cannot. He said they will build and repair space stations and they will arrive on Mars to pave the way for humans. Nano-robots will repair damaged organs. More here

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