Saturday, July 17, 2004

NANO on NewsHour



Your NanoBot is always working for you. This evening, Max and I were sitting down for a nice evening bottle, flipped on PBS NewsHour and found this special report on nanotechnology.  So, without Max missing so much as a gulp, I continued to cradle the baby in my left arm, held the bottle with the right, but in my left hand was my Motorola camera phone. I hope PBS doesn't mind me running these pictures snapped off my TV.

The report focused on the UCLA NANO art exhibit, but then gave a basic rundown of what nanotech is and, as you can see from the photo at bottom right, what some fear it could be. UCLA nanoscientist James Gimzewski (top right) was the story's main source, and he did an outstanding job not only of showing his own excitement about the science, but also explaining it in understandable terms. It was a great report about a significant effort to bring nano to the people and outline some of the problems associated with describing or picturing a technology that cannot be seen.

I'm also very proud, of course, that I had assigned Mark Frauenfelder (of BoingBoing fame) to cover this story for Small Times, which featured it on the Web site only on Feb. 12.

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