Monday, July 19, 2004

Nano Meme Watch

Here's how nano played in the blogosphere today. Alert level: Jade

Get rich quick #143563433 (New Links)

    Nano-technology is where it's at. Not since the dotcom era has it been so easy to make lots of moolah with minimum effort. I reckon. More

Public attitudes toward nanotechnology (InstaPundit)
    Despite lacking concrete knowledge about nanotechnology, most Americans hold a generally positive view of the emerging science and believe the technology’s potential benefits outweigh its perceived risks. At the same time, most Americans do not trust business leaders in the nanotechnology industry to minimize potential risks to humans. More

Fantastic Voyage at Amazon (

    One of the most respected scientists and futurists in America teams up with an expert on human longevity, to show how we can tap today's revolution in biotechnology and nanotechnology to virtually live forever. More

Hackers on Planet Earth (TECHPopuli)

    Also under discussion at the conference were fun ways to harass spammers. Some even discussed plans to build a Hogwarts for Hackers -- a national security college that would teach young adults security skills like lock picking, encryption, rewriting software in cars, running pirate radio stations and building nanotech labs from things stashed in the closet or basement. More

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