Monday, July 19, 2004

Do you care how nano plays in Peoria?

This promo for the next "Nanotechnology Opportunity Report" sounds like it covers many of the same issues that you read on this Weblog. The difference? Electronic copy of Opportunity Report: $3,995.00; electronic copy of the NanoBot: $0,000.00

I never claimed to be an expert in making money for myself.

Here's a question, though, and give it to me straight: What kind of nanotechnology information would you pay for that's not already being provided by others? My specialty is not the financial analysis. Others do that better than me. I think part of the appeal of this blog is that I try to look at the science, business, culture and politics of nanotechnology from the point of view of those outside the industry, and I think public perception is going to become an increasingly important issue -- especially in Europe.

I have a mix of readers, ranging from college students to scifi geeks to government, business and financial leaders. Anecdotally, I know that many readers in the latter three categories value this site because it's important to them how nano "plays in Peoria."

Do you care? Most of all, would you subscribe? Let me know.

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