Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Nanotech funding . . . and caution? (AndrewSW)

Nanotech Is Wall Street's Latest Love (Associated Press)
    The chief executive of Nano-Tex LLC warned about the mounting hype around his company and other nanotechnology startups at a recent investor conference. But the first question from the audience showed how his message had been digested.

    "When is your IPO?" More

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    Initial Perilous Offering
    Nanopants diary
    IPO and Public Perception

Indian science students dream of Nobel (
    After meeting a host of Nobel laureates in Germany, a group of Indian students has returned dreaming of winning the world's greatest prize.

    … The trip, from June 27 to July 2, was a meeting ground for students from across the world with Nobel Prize winners in Physics like Riccardo Glacconi and Masatoshi Koshiba.

    Between them they discussed subjects like nano-technology, nuclear physics, optics, astrophysics and even utilization of solar energy.

    "We met Chinese students and Pakistani students and so many more, and we discovered that we are as good as anyone in the world," said Harleen Dahiya of Panjab University.

    "Only some of them have more facilities than us." More

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    Indian Americans shining in nanotechnology
    Indian Institutes to focus on nano

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