Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday, March 06, 2009

Twitter took the nanotech stars

I have a new blog post at Small Times. It's all about the rock stars of nanotech's Twitter universe. Here's an excerpt:

The largest criticism I have of the NanoTwitterVerse is that it at times can be a feedback loop -- the usual suspects talking inside baseball to one another, or "retweeting" one another to the point where only one point of view bounces around an echo chamber. That will change as more nanotech voices join the conversation. More here

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nantero: Nanotechnology Jobs of the Day

I am, of course, extremely underqualified for the nanotech jobs I come across in my own quest for work. Below are a couple of job listings from a company called Nantero. They're working on carbon nanotube based memory devices.

I wrote about Nantero and its technology here, which then set off a spirited debate over the merits of both the company and its methods.

Anyway, things can't be going too poorly if they're hiring in this economy. Here are the listings.

Senior Coat Engineer

Under general supervision, develop coat and characterization methods (including defects and defectivity), assess film quality, work with end customers to meet the stated quality requirements and lead a team of engineers in the processing of silicon wafers in the clean room. More here

Senior Characterization Scientist

Scientist with 3-5 years experience with analytical chemistry, developing analytical methods, QC methods, validation tests for chemical products, such as colloidal systems and/or liquid carbon formulations, slurries or colloids,... More here

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