Thursday, December 23, 2004

See Spot's IP

How to spot a dog (Motley Fool)

    The key to distinguishing between a nanofaker and a nanomaker lies in two areas: intellectual property (IP) and partnerships. Companies with a strong IP portfolio are developing a commercial base and demonstrating that their products are built on sound science. But even rabid pack dogs will exude a veneer of top pedigree. In other words, they, too, will have some intellectual property.

    So, do you have to become a patent lawyer in addition to a physicist, a chemist, an engineer and a biologist to find the right nano investments? It would help, but there are easier ways to uncover a dog's pedigree.

    We can examine their mating histories (commercial partners) and how many litters they have produced (actual sales). Dogs with a bogus IP portfolio will fall short in those respects. More here

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