Thursday, December 16, 2004

Nano to be Made in Taiwan

Taiwan to inject large funds into nanotechnology projects: VP (CNA News)

    The Taiwan authorities are planning to spend NT$21.5 billion (US$663.27 million) over six years on a national project to develop the nanotechnology and relevant industries, Vice President Annette Lu said Thursday. Addressing the 2004 Taiwan Chemical Technology Forum at the Taipei International Convention Center, Lu said the goal of the project is to create an output value of NT$300 billion in the nanotechnology industry by 2008, with more than 800 companies in the business, while by 2012, the output will expand to NT$1 trillion, with over 1,500 companies in the sector. The project is expected to help local industries to upgrade or transform and to further sharpen Taiwan's national competitiveness, she noted. In her speech, the vice president pointed out that Taiwan is now in good shape in terms of technological development compared with other countries in the world, quoting the 2004 global competitiveness report of the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum, which put Taiwan in first place in Asia and second in the world in terms of national competitiveness in technological manufacture and research. More here
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