Monday, December 27, 2004

Resistance is nubile


My source within smelling distance of T.H.O.N.G. (Topless Humans Organized for Natural Genetics) informs me that Earth First! Journal is running a piece in the print edition on the group's anti-nanotech nudity at the NanoCommerce conference in Chicago a couple of months ago.

The headline, my source says, is: "Resistance To Nanotech Grows." It begins with: "People around the world are taking notice of the fledgling nanotechnology industry's potential for atom-level control of virtually everything." The last paragraph reads: "Nanotechnology has been billed as the solution to world hunger and disease, but it is no more likley to produce these results than the biotech industry. Hopefully, these recent actions are a harbinger of massive resistance to this new threat to freedom and biodiversity."

In addition, the group has posted some priceless photos of the Thongian action and reaction. Enjoy.

thong   thong2   thong3

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tommy said...

hey if you follow the link, it says THONG is against Gross Tasteless for myself, i gave up Gross Tasteless Food as part of my last year's new year's resolutions

Mark Buehner said...

"Nanotechnology has been billed as the solution to world hunger and disease, but it is no more likley to produce these results than the biotech industry. "

Only thing that guy said that makes any sense. How many lives has the Green Revolution saved?

Anonymous said...

let's see if I can be more stupider than those who posted before me...

if the object of concern is microscopic then the problems that arise from is are likely to also be microscopic. save the world, use lots of skin lotion-- the human body sheds at least thougsnds of skin cells daily! the horror of such mass-murder that occurs daily is intolerable!

take a stand (gently, lest you kill 1/10000th of 1% of your SELF) and oppose all forms of nano-tech... actually you should all oppose any and all forms of technology. damn... I guess those cute naked chicks (selective ignorance- I didn't see the naked guys) didn't consider how nanotech their digital cameras are... not to mention the computers they used to transform images (photoshop) and then upload them to the internet (internet-- something so damned small that you can't really see what it actually IS, yet so big that it can't be ignored easily. kinda sounds like a disease, similar in practice and principe to AIDS)

honestly, I don't understand this whole Eddie Baur (TM or something) issue... I wish I owned a pair of nonstick underwear, I sweat alot at work. well, that's a lie, but it sounded good. sorry, I couldn't come up with a better idea for including teflon in clothing, and by that I also mean that every reason I've seen so far has been even more ridiculous than this post :-/