Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Nano is Sizzlin' in Tennessee

'Tech Prep' program subject for Plant Managers' meeting (The Tullahoma News)

    Susan Brown, Tech Prep coordinator for Motlow State Community College, was guest speaker at the monthly association meeting held at Western Sizzlin' Restaurant in Tullahoma. The state has 13 consortia at community colleges to administer the program, and Highland Rim Consortium serves the local area.

    ... The program is presently working on three emerging technologies, Ms. Brown said: nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology. Ms. Brown went into detail about nanotechnology. It is defined as the creation of function materials, devices, and systems through control of matter on the nanometer length scale, and the exploitation of novel properties and phenomena developed at that scale.

    To assist in nanotechnology and other fields of research is Cool Springs Life Sciences Center in Franklin. It is a 10-acre, 140,000 square foot research and development campus focused on life sciences. It is planned that it provide space for laboratory research, product development and also have manufacturing facilities for medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life-science-oriented companies and their support services. More here

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