Monday, December 13, 2004

Nanotech a ramblin' wreck at Georgia Tech

Nanotech center is in limbo (MSNBC)

    "Nearly two years after a donor pledged $36 million to Georgia Tech to build a new nanotechnology center on campus, the university still has not received the money."

    Georgia Tech President G. Wayne Clough hopes the money will still come. But he acknowledges the university is committed to the endeavor regardless and is checking "other options" for funding after so much time has passed. Clough said the donor has held up the process to assess his own financial situation.

    "I don't know," Clough said when asked if the donor has the funds. "I don't know if anyone knows. All I know is the gentleman swears to everyone up and down he has the gift. He says he's close but he has said that before." More here

Update: Daniel Moore, Georgia Tech nano researcher and blogger, had wondered why they hadn't broken ground yet. Now, it all makes sense. Daniel puts it all in context here.

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Unknown said...

Ralph Merkle had planned to be teaching a course at Georgia Tech on nanotech design or molecular engineering or something along those lines. I'm sorry to hear they're delayed in putting up a new building, but is Ralph's course going ahead?

Howard Lovy said...

I heard it's been canceled, but I don't know all the whys and wherefores. Merkle has a form on his site for those interested in taking it another semester.