Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Life, the Universe and the Theory of Everything

My son and I are watching a fascinating documentary on PBS now. The Elegant Universe, hosted by Brian Greene, does an elegant job of making string theory understandable to a general audience.

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Geoff Hutchison said...

I'm always impressed by Greene and Stephen Hawking and their ability to discuss high-level physics at a general audience. I think it's a skill that must be improved, particularly in areas like chemistry and materials science and the like, where there are very interesting stories, but not so many books.

I like to joke with my parents (who run a bookstore) that there's "armchair physics" and "armchair math" books--which sell very well. So who's writing the next armchair chemistry or armchair materials book.

(Yes, I know there are several nano books in this genre, including one by my Ph.D. advisor.)