Monday, December 27, 2004

Nano Rocky Mountain high

Zettacore possible nanotech model (By Bob Mook, The Denver Business Journal)

    Investors are betting $23 million ZettaCore Inc. will make it big by thinking small -- and the rest of Colorado's nanotechnology sector hopes to ride along.

    In 2004, the Englewood-based startup raised $17 million in venture capital, moved to a new office and research facility south of the Denver Technology Center, and was recognized by an international forum as a technology pioneer -- all without producing a single product.

    G. Louis Hornyak, chief science officer and founder of the Colorado Nanotechnology Initiative, expects big things from ZettaCore, which employs 33 people -- including engineers and chemists -- in its Inverness office. "They're probably going to become one of the top nanotech companies in the world," he said. Hornyak, an assistant research professor at the University of Denver, said the company is regarded as something of a "poster child" in the emerging nanotechnology sector because of its influential board and the fact it's one of the few nanotechnology companies that's attracted capital from the private sector instead of from government grants. More here

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