Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A good omen for nano's future

Feynman Distinguished Student Award winner Damian Allis, Ph.D., contemplates the meaning of the extra three letters recently tacked on to the end of his name. Well, for one thing, he can now pack a more powerful academic punch in his bouts with Attobuoy, although I suspect Damian needs no post-Allis alphabet soup to reduce his opponents to incoherent mumbling. Speaking of alphabet soup, here's a pdf of his thesis TOC.

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Damian Allis said...

Jane you ignorant slut,

Thanks for the plug, my man! I'm already planning a line of vitamins to advertise on Coast-to-Coast AM to fund my research. For your many kind, generous, intelligent, generous, truly lovable and all-around wonderfully generous readers, my gift registry is with Apple computer but anyone with dual Opteron boxes with on-board firewire are more than welcome to send their tax-deducted computers to further the cause.

Oh, and I just got the Omen thing. For the record, mine are three 9’s. You can stand on your head and see for yourself. Now, where's that 30 ft. scarf...

attobuoy said...

Dan you pompus ass,

Congratulations, Damian!

Damian Allis said...

Jane, you poor, misguided scrag,

My thanks, Attobuoy! As well as for putting up with The Howard!