Sunday, November 28, 2004

VC: Don't follow the baloney

Legendary venture capitalist looks ahead (CNET

    Which technology or company is most overhyped at the moment?

    Nanotech anything, probably in part because of the huge amount of technology press coverage of what is sort of a lab fascination with the chemical process. People don't talk about particular applications, like making Pentium chips 50 times faster or curing diabetes.

    So it's the media's fault?

    The press has become fascinated with the concept and the scientists and investors and all the peep show surrounding the phenomenon. They have been interviewed to death. If there is an application for nanotechnology, it's going to be the later part of our lifetimes. You have this huge amount of press coverage and no market problem that needs solving. More here

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Deepak Singh said...

If the majority of the press understood science properly, all hype would be within reasonable limits. The problem with the press and many VCs is that they find a buzzword, and then latch on to it like there was no tomorrow.

Nanotech has been around a while, in some form of the other and there are several successfull examples today, but I have a guarded skepticism of how fast the nanotech dream will be fulfilled. As computation of parge systems becomes more tractable and better techniques are developed, I definitely think computational methods will become fairly routine. Then it becomes a question of fabrication and implementation.

Hopefully those who hype any field, will have the sense to take a step back and look at what they are hyping pragmatically. In many cases the hype is justified, but the way it is presented is very important.