Monday, October 11, 2004

Pint-size pushers

BrachySil trial given thumbs up
Nanotechnology company pSivida has announced the results of the BrachySil trial, which has confirmed expectations that the compound (32P-BioSilicon) is safe and effective at tumour progression and raises possibilities of an effective weapon against liver cancer. (

    The company’s clinical development of this brachytherapy (short range intratumoural radiotherapy) involved trials, carried out on four patients with inoperable liver cancer, delivering the active substance via a fine gauge direct needle delivery procedure. The tests showed no product related adverse side effects and up to 60 per cent regression of tumours.

    BrachySil is based on pSivida's BioSilicon, which takes the form of nanostructured porous silicon that can be machined into powders, microspheres, or just about any other structure whilst retaining its ability to carry and release active components.

    In drug delivery applications, BioSilicon has significant advantages over rival polymer slow release drug delivery systems in animal trials. For example, it boasts higher loading rates, and the rate of release (achieved as the BioSilicon breaks down in the body), can be controlled to extend from days to months, according to the company. More here

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