Friday, October 29, 2004

Laurie Anderson's spirit in the sky

Seattle - Laurie Anderson - Performance and Lecture (Archinect)

    Center on Contemporary Art is very pleased to announce an artist-talk and mini-performance by internationally acclaimed performance artist, Laurie Anderson Tuesday, November 9th at 2 PM at CoCA.

    "In this new work, my ambition is to write an epic poem made of songs, images, and stories that relate in new ways; my plan is to invent a language that will explore the contemporary meanings of freedom and time."

    "Research for this piece involves a lot of travel as well as my work with NASA where, as artist-in-residence, I am looking at nanotechnology and imaging."

    "My dream is to make a work that will focus on spirituality and consumerism, a work that will attempt to be a true portrait of this country at the beginning of our century." More here

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