Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Three Nano Kings

dynamic trio

Steve Jurvetson, Josh Wolfe and Mark Modzelewski, three of the most influential people in nanotechnology today, stand at the gates (or lawn) of power in December 2003 during the signing of the nanotech bill. (Jurvetson just posted this picture today).

Me? Well, I'm off to Washington, D.C. this weekend for the Foresight conference. But I think my dog ate my invitation to the White House. Oh well. I have my own very busy travel schedule, anyway. Today I worked at this coffee place, and then this public library and then this coffee joint for their free Wi-Fi connections. Darnit. Chose the wrong profession again!

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Nanotechnology's Disruptive Future (by Josh Wolfe, Forbes)

'Looking 50 years ahead, it's hard to think of an industry that won't be affected,' Jurvetson said. (San Francisco Business Times)

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