Wednesday, October 13, 2004


"Infinitesima" is ...

    A. A 1968 cosmic Sci-Fi acid-trip of a movie starring Jane Fonda;

    B. What one Chicago nanotech conference attendee exclaimed after taking a peak at anti-nano protesters wearing thongs;

    C. A British company that makes atomic force microscopes;

    D. Britney Spears' new Kabbalistic name that celebrates the connection between her studies in Jewish mysticism, her endless quest for the nature of infinity, and the shared philosophical underpinnings in the works of Isaac Luria, Georg Cantor, Buckminster Fuller and Mauro Ferrari's application of continuum mechanics in modeling nanoscale medical devices. Like, duh!
I'll give you the answer later.

Answer: C: A British company, although A,B and D seemed just as plausible to me.

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