Thursday, September 16, 2004

Nanomix senses a product in 2005

Nanotech firm to launch first products (East Bay Business Times)

    With a new $500,000 grant in its pocket and a fresh-faced CEO, Nanomix Inc. of Emeryville has its eye on a long-awaited prize - the launch of the company's first two nanotechnology sensors beginning early next year.

    For four years, the UC-Berkeley spinoff has focused almost exclusively on trying to perfect a way of developing nanoelectronic sensors, a fast-growing niche within nanotechnology.

    The process involves integrating extremely narrow, hollow cylinders made of carbon atoms, or nanotubes, with tiny silicon chips. Nanomix is developing sensors with a wide array of applications, including biomolecule detection for drug research and diagnostics and for the detection of pollutants in air and water.

    Now, the 20-person firm is preparing to launch its first product - a hydrogen sensor - early in 2005. Hydrogen sensors can be used anywhere batteries are being charged, such as at semiconductor foundries or telecommunications towers. More here

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