Thursday, October 21, 2004

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I just stumbled onto your blog when I was running a search on Nanotech on Google. Though, I dont understand a thing about nano. I found ur blog extremely interesting. Can I join in? & if yes, How? Also, where will I get some basic intoductory stuff on Nanotech?


Hi, Dipti,

Well, you're the reader of my dreams, since one of my goals for this site is to be a gateway drug to hook unwitting victims like you into seeking out more and more nano knowledge.

There's nothing really to "join," but there are many ways to keep in touch with NanoBot. Make me your home page, subscribe to daily e-mails through the form on the left side of this page, click on the "add to My Yahoo" link, or even get me on your mobile phone through the WinkSite link also on the left. If you have an RSS reader or are a free Bloglines subscriber, plug in my RSS feed: and you'll get all the nano news I see fit to print as it happens.

For basic information, Nanotechnology Now has a comprehensive introduction here:

And author Glenn Fishbine has an online nanotechnology course

There's also the National Nanotechnology Initiative Education Center

Thanks for your note.


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