Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wanted: Independent nano watchdog - Part II

Nanotech Group's Invitations Declined
Critics Say Effort Glosses Over Risks (By Rick Weiss, Washington Post)

    A new effort by industry leaders and others to engender public trust in nanotechnology, the young science of making invisibly small materials, has run into difficulties on the eve of its first meeting after environmental and citizen groups declined to join for now because of doubts the initiative will serve the public interest.

    None of the three invited representatives of environmental groups has agreed to join the newly created International Council on Nanotechnology at its inaugural meeting in Houston today.

    One said yesterday that he had asked that his name be removed from the membership list because the group -- funded almost entirely by industry -- seemed more interested in easing public jitters than in actually doing something about the potential risks of nanotechnology. More here

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Wanted: Independent nano watchdog

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