Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Didn't mean to dis The Boss

bruceI went to the MoveOn-sponsored concert/fund-raiser in Detroit on Sunday night to see Bruce Springsteen and REM.

Good schtick: Bruce, in the character of a faith healer, says: "Is there anybody in the house that needs to be released from the burden of Republicanism?" Then, there was a "healing" of a guy in a bowtie, who held up a "Bush Must Go!" sign.

On the way out of Cobo, I was stopped by a local NPR reporter, Quin Klinefelter, who asked me what I thought of the show. My sound bite that made it on to WDET in Detroit was:

"I'm not sure that three-quarters of the people who came here, came here to get the political message. But I think Bruce Springsteen is more political when he's just out there with a guitar singing about the subjects he writes about. There's something about this that was a little bit forced, I thought."

I felt a bit bad afterward. I've been a Springsteen fan before, during and after the height of his popularity, and the first time I get to speak publicly about him, I dis the Boss! If you were listening, Mr. Springsteen, sir, I loved the show and support what you're doing.

Pardon the picture quality, but I took it with my Motorola camera phone. This is Springsteen speaking on stage, beneath a large-screen image of himself. I thought the fuzziness added something to the photo.

What's the nanotechnology connection? Let's see. Umm, well, future Motorola cameraphones will be MRAM-enabled, giving me instant-on capacity, tons of storage space and much-better picture quality. And I hear that Little Steven is trying to stay hip, so he's changing the nickname to Nano Steven. He's following the Jefferson Airplane/Starship aging rock star makeover plan.

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