Friday, October 15, 2004

Playing hardball with nano pants


This just in from Josh Wolfe:
    All week long CNBC has been promoting a steel-cage "Nano Rematch". A rematch to what's become known as "stain-gate" -- when Nano-Tex's nano-enabled fabrics were deemed to not live up to the hype after Bullseye host Dylan Ratigan covered himself in mustard and coffee -- for the sake of product testing. Later today, the cable channel will have Olympic gold medalist Softball player, Jennie Finch, literally pitching assorted things at Nano-Tex fabrics! Will they hold up? What other "nano-gates" might be brewing?
Update: Spent the evening playing with my son and missed the show. Anybody out there see it? If so, give me an update in the comments section. Thanks.

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