Thursday, October 14, 2004

In bed with nano

Simmons' Newest Mattress Innovation Promotes Better Health by Enabling Consumers to Clean Their Bed (Business Wire)

    mattressRenowned microbiologist Philip Tierno, Jr., Ph.D., author of "The Secret Life of Germs," is consulting with Simmons on its latest innovation and says, "The HealthSmart Bed is a phenomenal product that is long overdue. Outside of the kitchen, the bedroom is the most germ-infested room in a home. Given that people are in close physical proximity with their beds for many hours each night while sleeping for a lifetime, proper mattress hygiene is an important component to healthy sleep. While products exist to combat kitchen germs, the HealthSmart Bed is currently the only mattress that reduces dust mites, mold and fungal spores through the use of proper washing techniques."

    Washing is possible because of the zip-off mattress top design and the materials used in its construction. The HealthSmart Bed is made with three layers of fabric, each serving a specific purpose in the creation of a healthier sleep environment:

    Coolmax channeled fibers wick away sweat and moisture as you sleep and allow fabric to dry quickly in the laundry.

    -- Nano-Tex creates a semi-impervious layer that traps fluids and particles so they can be washed away.

    -- Terry cloth treated with Teflon fabric protector provides an extra level of protection. More here

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