Thursday, April 28, 2005

I've got more male!


Now, I don't mean to lord my superior scientific skills over Lord Broers, but I do have an idea of "how to make an autonomous self-replicating machine at any scale."

It's a boy, and I expect him to be fully assembled by late September.

Human Nanofactory Experiment: The Sequel
Shocking photo of secret human nanofactory!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Howard, but it can't be done. Our best minds have looked into it and decided that it's just not possible. We can't even figure out a good plan for making something like this happen.

One of these days you'll learn that you can't live life in this fantasy world of yours, where facts and experience dictate your knowledge. One day you'll join us as we tap our heads and base scientific knowledge on what we'd like to believe rather than anything that may occur in nature.

I do have a drawing on a napkin that involves small gnomes on an assembly line. It's not 'nano,' but it is pretty darn small.

Howard Lovy said...

I think I've heard of that. It's called the Human Gnome Project, right? I've got an idea for that one. I call it the "Whole Gnome Shotgun Strategy" to force those little fellas work. Of course, the science establishment is telling me that it will fail "catastrophically," but I believe science "establishments" exist only to be proven wrong.