Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Intel sets $10,000 bounty for Moore's Law mag

Martyn Amos is doing some eBay sleuthing and found that Intel is offering $10,000 to anybody who can find a "mint-condition copy of the April 19 1965 issue of Electronics magazine containing the article that gave rise to "Moore's Law." Here's the eBay page. I wonder. Will that prize double every 18 months?

Update: Well, somebody has a digital copy, but either doesn't have -- or won't part with -- the original. The magazine is out of print and the article is difficult to find. Check out the scans, though. You'll need to squint to make it out, but it's pretty cool to read 40-year-old predictions that actually came true. Note to self: Reread old NanoBot articles in 40 years ... and remember to take your teeth out before bedtime.

Another update: The subject is being given the full Slashdot treatment.

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