Monday, April 18, 2005

Take nano from my cold dead hands

Hello, interested readers and foreclosure voyeurs. I still haven't saved the ranch, but I'm following up a great many leads today. Thank you to everybody who has sent me good wishes and job tips.

Regardless of how my own mini-drama plays outs, you can expect to see some exciting announcements from NanoBot in the next few weeks and months, even if I have to post them from the public library. The main reason I'm in financial trouble today is the time I've been devoting to new creations.

Pay attention. There's something happening in the media world, and the future belongs to those who can see it now, and act on it.

And there's one wildcard. In my Frank Capra dream world, an 11th-hour call comes from an agent who loves my book proposal.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Howard!
"...ride on in the cause of truth and meekness and right; and let your right hand lead you to awesome deeds." :)

Howard Lovy said...

Now, don't you be getting all Biblical on me. This group of level-headed scientists has little patience for all that Kabbalah voodoo. My right hand might be awesome, but careful I don't sneak in a jab from that cunning left.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Howard, and said "level-headed scientists"! Next time I start to wax all poetic, I'll pinch myself--preferably with something nano!