Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A little splash of color


Small wonder Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology - which deals with the minutest of technological scales - has a big role in new exhibit
-- Inland Valley (Calif.) Daily Bulletin

    Shouting their presence in loud shades of red, blue and yellow, artist and scientist Cris Orfescu's images look first like abstract pieces. The colorful curves, angular lines and sudden bursts that command the canvases appear to be the fantastical expression of the artist's whim and creative taste.

    Then familiar objects begin to appear in the abstract renderings. One resembles a falling leaf; another could be a bird of paradise.

    That exploratory process is what Orfescu hopes viewers experience when they look at his work on display this month in a two-man show at La Casa Decor Interiors in Los Angeles.

    That way, when he explains that the images are actually what he calls "nanoart," showing colored images of such impossibly tiny objects as dust and dirt particles, he hopes onlookers will have a greater connection with nanotechnology.

    "The whole idea behind this is I want people to understand a little bit more about nanotechnology," Orfescu said. "I'm trying to make a parallel with the macro world --- the one we see with the naked eye." More here

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