Saturday, March 05, 2005

Human Nanofactory Experiment: The Sequel


Pictured above is the beginning of a new "bottom-up" assembly process. The results of my first experiment were perfect. With the help of my able assistant, I shall try to replicate this perfection. I expect a complete human to be assembled by late September.

NanoBot Backgrounder
Shocking photo of secret human nanofactory!
Update on human nanofactory experiment
I've Got Male!
Human Nanofactory in Four Dimensions


AShalleck said...

Howard...congratulations to you and yours...however, as a purist, I believe you would still characterize your joint process as "top down" not "bottom up!" The process did not build up from atom to atom....and it is not a fully " green' process...there is inefficientcy and waste ... only a portion of the DNA is being used ... agreed? Doesn't change the wonder in the process... just the characterization. Wish you both health.

alan shalleck

Howard Lovy said...

Well, you see, Alan. The way I'm handling this experiment is not to start with a featureless block and etch human features onto it. I actually set into motion a series of chain events whereby the specimen actually self-assembles, cell by cell. It's ingenious, I know! Thanks for your good wishes, and I shall inform the scientific and business communities of further breakthroughs as they develop.


Anonymous said...


I wish you well with your latest experiment. When do you publish the tech manual for interfacing and programing of the "product"?

Jack said...


Congratulations. As the father of a three year-old son and a five year-old daughter, I recently figured that both are likely to grow approximately one meter in the next 12 years. Given that a meter consists of one billion nanometers and 12 years consists of appromimately one billion seconds, I like to imagine them growing at the rate of nanometer per second ... it helps me treasure every moment with them. Now, if I could just find an AFM to track their progress on my closet wall.

Jack Uldrich

Anonymous said...

And they say we have nothing to fear from self-replication? Ha! No less an authority than Howard Lovy proves them wrong. Next, he'll be manufacturing gray goo. . .and we don't even want to think about that.

Congratulations, Howard.