Friday, April 08, 2005

Funny, he don't look Goo-ish

Well, ladies (or men), if you like 'em muscular but dumb misinformed, come an' git him ...

New nanotech risk revealed: runaway green goo could be created by nanobiotech gone bad (By Mike Adams, holistic nutritionist,

    adamsThe potential horrors of nanotechnology seem to keep on coming. Not long after the mythical grey goo threat was dismissed by nanotechnology pioneers, a new threat appears: green goo created by the merging of nanotechnology and biotechnology -- nanobiotech.

    What is green goo? It's a runaway mass of self-replicating organisms created by biotechnology researchers relying on nanotech processes. Imagine an artificially-created microbe that can feed on practically anything, survive harsh conditions, and spread through the air. That's one rendition of the green goo threat.

    Naturally, there's tremendous skepticism about these nano-threats, especially in the minds of those engaged in nanotechnology research or nano-based products. They say the threats aren't proven. But critics counter with the important point that nanotechnology should be proven safe before unleashed on the world, especially given the mere possibility of widespread, unstoppable destruction posed by tiny self-replicating machines or microbes. More here

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