Friday, April 01, 2005

Emerdat 102 Programmable Matter Users' guide


Thank you for buying Emerdat 102 ProMat. We know it will give you complete satisfaction.

General info
Emerdat 102 ProMat is built on the latest nanobot technology from Emerdat Inc.

Emerdat 102 ProMat provides various functions that are ideal for daily use.

emerdat3Safety guidelines

If you switch on the device it stays in switched on state, you can not switch it off.

What is in the package
30,000 billion interconnected nanobots.

Emerdat 102 ProMat uses:

  • dynamic furniture in existing homes
  • temporal home
  • body enhancements, body shield

Quick start
Open the package and touch the grey surface with your palm. The first person who touches the surface becomes the master user of the device. More here.

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